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Philippe Body

Born in 1962 - starts photography at the end of the Eighties, at the time of a travel in India, carries out many photo features for the press Magazines - including Geo, Grands Reportages, Terre Sauvage, Figaro Magazine, Gente Viaggi, Animan, etc - in France and abroad.

Distributed in France and worldwide by Hemis.fr travel stock agency as well as AGE fotostock and Gamma Rapho

" My passion for colors and movement come to me from great photographer Ernst Haas. The freshness of its glance, its capacity to communicate its emotion through its technical choices and the share of the chance in its images made me become aware of the infinite possibilities of expression in photography. Later, the work of Eric Valli, Roland and Sabrina Michaud or Olivier Föllmi, to quote only them, strongly impressed me by their manner of showing insights of a culture in all its dignity "

Travel photography fascinates me because it makes it possible to approach a culture in all its diversity. What led me to work on the architecture and the landscape photography as much as the human one. I also have a passion for the expression of the movement in all its forms.

On the technical side, I try as much as possible not to have any " personal style ". For me, the technique, the effects and even aesthetics must be used initially to drag on, to retain people in the image. Even on assignements, I try to reveal more than to show, capture the spirit or the magic of a place rather than his formal appearance.


Nathalie Body


Born in 1963. Starts photography at the beginning of the Nineties, at the time of long travels and frequents stays in Asia. She carried out many photo features with Philippe Body for press Magazines.

Distributed in France by Gamma-Rapho agency and Worldwide by AGE fotostock

Specialized in architecture. The details, the small things which give sense and direction to the whole piece.

" When I work on a photo feature, I tackle my subject without any preconceived idea. I do not seek to compose or stage pictures, I take time to impregnate me, to immerse me completely into my subject, if it is a monument, for example, I go round of it, tirelessly, under various lights, until the good images finally come out ". I feel always, I can come out with a better photograph and I try it again.


Last Exhibitions :

2009 - Drouot - Sales with the Photo agency Rapho - 4 photographs on the exhibition catalogue
2011- 2012 - Fontevraud l'Abbaye - Galery "l'Atelier" : permanent exhibition
2013 - Castle of Ussé : "Terres de Loire"
2014 - MBI - Mosaique Bourgogne International - Exhibition in the caves of Nuit-Saint-Georges : "Offrandes"

2016 : Caves of Ackerman wines - Saumur : collective exhibition Arti-Flo - Colors
2016 - Castle of Langeais - Exhibition with Jean-baptiste Rabouan et Louis-Marie Préau : Objective Loire - cross-eyes on the river (on to 31/12/2016)
2017 - Festival Wide open eye at Ile Olonne / France june to september - Exhibition with K. Kaiziras, P. Dieudonné, (among others)
2017-2018 - Exposition - Vietnam Eternel à Bordeau de novembre à janvier au TUI store
2018 - Exposition - Vietnam Eternel à Toulouse de janvier à mai au TUI store