Portfolio - Fine art prints

Order a print

  • 1 > in the left menu select PORTFOLIOS


  • 2 > Select the country or destination you are looking for


  • 3 > Click on "Buy a Print" button


or "Buy a Fine Art Print


  • 4 > Choose the type of support : paper / Alu Dibond / Acrylic glass

if you don'y know which one to choose > have a look to our GUIDE PRINT page


5 > Select the print size


6 > Select a finish option

for paper prints : glossy (shimmering pearl) or Matte finish


7 > Check the price and click on"Add to cart"

the Print price is automatically set according to the diffrent options - all taxes included


8 > Continue shopping or "Order"

if you choose "continue shopping" you will be directed back to Portfolios - if you choose "Order" you go to your Cart Page


9 > Choose delivery / shipping options

if you have selected a Print on paper > check the first box "Shipping cardboard pipe - All sizes - Paper Prints 30x40 cm (12x18") and over" and if you have selected a Aluminium or Acrylic glass print > check the second box "Alu Dibond or Acrylic Glass only - Direct prints on Aluminium or Acrylic glass only - Flat cardboard"


10 > Order

You can only pay via Paypal (or you will have to contact us for information). Click on "Payment via Paypal" - you will be redirected on their secure page. Just follow the step by step procedure. You don't need to have a Paypal account.